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Les 100 Fous


Dans le titre « Intro » de leur deuxième album, les 100 Fous énumèrent tous les styles de musique qu’ils ne jouent pas. Une approche taquine et provoquante pour ce quatuor calédonien qui « milite pour la portée du texte et la hauteur des mots ».

 En 2004, Erwan (guitare, voix, percussions) et Éric (voix) entament leurs premières recherches musicales, ensemble sous les pseudos de Wan et Fly, et avec plusieurs groupes du pays qui concourent à diversifier leurs univers sonores. En 2012, ils rencontrent Freddy, guitariste. De deux, ils se démultiplient et deviennent les 100 Fous. Début 2017, la fine équipe toute acoustique est complétée par le bassiste Thierry qui ajoute une belle profondeur à la mélodie qui porte des textes de plus en plus aboutis. Les auteurs-compositeurs-interprètes jonglent avec la langue française et lâchent leur prose sur la société calédonienne, les coups de fête et des sujets historiques bien plus lourds. 

En cinq ans, les 100 Fous affichent une nette progression scénique, passant des lieux intimistes de Nouméa à des salles élargies et à l’international. En mai 2017, un coaching artistique et scénique avec Juliette Solal à Nouméa a permis de révéler tout le potentiel théâtral de leur concert entre chanson et slam. 



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In their song “Intro” on their second album, the 100 Mad Men, les 100 Fous, name all of the musical styles they do not perform. A tongue-in-cheek comment and a bit of a provocation by the four musicians fighting for “a text that has a reach corresponding to the importance of the words”.

Erwan Botrel, Éric Mouchonnière, Freddy Rigal and Thierry Gourgues define themselves clearly as a group of friends first, and then a band. And yet it seems that they have worked together for an eternity as the artistic alchemy between them is so perfect. Erwan (guitar, voice, percussion) and Éric (voice) started their exploration of music in 2004. Using the pseudonyms of Wan and Fly they played with various bands from New Caledonia, expanding their sound universe.  In 2012 they met Freddy, a guitar player. The 100 Fous are born. In 2017 the band is joined by the bass player Thierry, adding depth to the melodies accompanied by more and more refined lyrics. The authors-composers-singers play with the French languages talking about the Caledonian society, parties and the shadier parts of history. The multi-talented artists mark the style of band with their individuality, Erwan, for example, is also a storyteller and Éric is deeply rooted in the world of visual arts.

In only five years Les 100 Fous have made an enormous progress on stage, passing from smaller venues in Nouméa into bigger concert halls and onto the international scene. In May 2017 they profit from an artistic coaching with Juliette Solal in Nouméa helping them to further develop their theatrical potential on stage, between concerts and slam. They will perform on the occasion of the Francofolies in New Caledonia in September 2017. This will be their biggest concert and a starting point to export their music.

They have published an EP with 7 songs (freely accessible on Bandcamp) in 2014, an album with 13 songs in 2017 and the video “Lundi Cool” (entirely realised by Éric), awarded at the Festival de Cinéma in La Foa, New Caledonia, in 2016. They have clearly become an important voice amongst the bands from New Caledonia.


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Par Claire Thiebaut, 2017 // © Marc Le Chélard 2017


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